Video is the easiest way to connect with potential clients. You get to say, describe, or show people exactly what you are trying to convey. Before we begin the shooting process, we meet up in person or over zoom and get clear on your message. I am happy to work with you, the creative team, or any other third party.


Planning the script carefully is important as this needs to fit with the footage so it makes sense, we need to make your message clear and concise.  I have a copywriter you can use if that helps.


Planning the storyboard and locations for filming are the next steps. Then it's time to get together again to finalise the master plan and sort the finer details. 

When filming a property, I strongly suggest a good old fashion tidy up! Plus removing hoses, cars, rubbish bins, gardening equipment and clean the gutters if using the drone. I also go over all this prior to the shoot.

The process is actually very easy, and I take you through it step by step. So give me a call to see what we can create for you!


Call, meet or Zoom to discuss your requirements.


Storyboard, locations, script, and finalise a game plan.


The most fun bit... getting my creative on and filming!

post production

 'Putting everything together' stage, ready for your approval. 


Most videos are delivered through either Dropbox or WeTransfer